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SUNDARI products and beauty treatments- Ancestral beauty rituals

Written by  Marie-Johanne Martineau
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sundari logoSUNDARI product line is a collection of luxurious, ayurvedic-inspired skin care tailored to the needs of contemporary women. SUNDARI line was created by three women, Ayla Hussain, Cavan Mahony and Christy Turlington, each bringing her own expertise and passion for holistic skin care. Ayurveda, recognized as the oldest medical science in India, is a 5000-year old science advocating a methodology which aims to establish holistic balance. Ayurveda teaches us that the balance of mind, body and soul leads to harmony and lasting beauty.

SUNDARI embodies the principles of this Indian philosophy using only the purest plant extracts and the application of the safest and most effective technology in creating its products and its professional beauty treatments. Using the powerful regenerative properties of plants, herbs, roots, therapeutic essential oils and floral extracts, many of whom come from the Himalayan region, Sundari products provide high efficiency anti-ageing results, smoothness, suppleness and comfort.

All SUNDARI treatments begin with a foot soak and a foot exfoliation. This welcoming ritual contributes to relaxation immediately upon entry into the treatment room. The room temperature is perfect, the lighting is reduced to a minimum, essential oils subtly perfumed the room and a music therapy immerses you in a state of profound well-being. From the beginning to the end of the beauty treatment, you will be relaxed, comforted, and warmed through massage of the marma points, the scent of 100% natural products, the application of hot towels on your skin and the softness and fluidity of techniques application and massage. Your five senses are awakened; you relax and are fully supported by your esthetician. You come out with a brighter skin, refreshed and treated according to your beauty desires and needs.

Whether it is to relax and unwind after a palmistry / astrology consultation, before or after an Abhyanga massage to begin or extend relaxation, combined with a cranio-sacral treatment for an ultimate feeling of serenity or simply when you feel the need to take a moment to take care of yourself, your skin, your body, mind and soul, make an appointment for a SUNDARI treatment.

Many SUNDARI treatments are available, find out by visiting our website or by calling us at toll free: 1 866 428-3799

Marie-Johanne Martineau

Marie-Johanne Martineau

Marie-Johanne is passionate about wellness. She has over 15 years’ experience in the field of beauty. Certified in aesthetics, cosmetology and make-up, Marie-Johanne has strong expertise in facial and body care. She continually studies, researches and inquires about Ayurveda and beauty as the harmony of body, soul and mind are inseparable in terms of beauty and wellness.

"For me, a beauty treatment must also be a multi-sensory experience, a good time to take care of yourself and be fully supported by your aesthetician. I offer expert and effective beauty cares that respect the uniqueness of each woman making sure they feel comfortable, relaxed and unique so that their beauty ritual is all about respect, well-being and satisfaction»



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