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The Hands: Our Personal Signature
We all know that no two fingerprints are identical. But in fact, the entire hand is unique in its pattern of lines. The lines are unique precisely because each of us has personal memories, hopes and individual character traits. This online program explores the basics of palmistry – the mounts, major and minor lines, nails, thumb, etc. and how each of these factors result in our very own personalized signature reflecting our unique personality, thoughts and experiences.

The Lines Change
Just as we continuously change and evolve, so do the lines on our hands. As our personality matures, our attitudes, priorities, activities and companions may also change. These important changes are all reflected in the hand. A study of our prints provides us with a method of analyzing ourselves objectively. We are, therefore, likely to make more positive choices regarding our work, our dealings with people around us, and many other important aspects of life. We will find ourselves less likely to repeat old negative patterns. With time, the improvements we make in our lives will register on the hands.

By learning to understand the unique patterns in our hands as indicators of predispositions, we can decipher trends in our behavior. Armed with this information, we have the freedom both to confirm and nurture our strengths and potentials and to decide what changes we wish to make in our lives.

Much of the joy in studying palmistry comes from seeing how we can exercise our free will in more informed and effective ways. Each time we take a new direction in our lives, we are able to see corresponding changes in the lines and signs on our hands.


Introduction to Hast Jyotish - A Journey of Self-Discovery

This course is meant for all those who wish to learn more about themselves through the study of Hast Jyotish. It is also the first step for anyone contemplating a career as a consultant of Hast Jyotish and for those who would like to incorporate aspects of palmistry into their own professions.

The course includes the e-book, Introduction to Hast Jyotish: Ancient Eastern System of Palmistry (278 pages) by Ghanshyam Singh Birla, video lectures and quizzes based on the material of each chapter. The quizzes are meant to be a stimulating and fun way for you to see how well you are assimilating the information. There is also midterm and final exams in order for us to be able to evaluate your understanding of the material.

For your greater self-understanding through the art and science of palmistry, a private reading with our director, Ghanshyam Singh Birla, or one of our staff palmists will be a great companion to your learning. In addition, any questions you have concerning the material can be addressed during a three-session coaching program.

You will find in this program:

  • Profound insights of Eastern philosophy that can help guide you towards realizing a more joyful, creative, and fulfilling life.
  • Greater understanding of yourself and others by learning to apply the basic principles of palmistry – the mounts, major lines, minor lines, and wisdom and obstruction lines –to your own hands.
  • Learn how to take prints of your family and friends and help them discover their own personalized signature.
  • Explore the subconscious traits outlined on your non-dominant hand, and how they affect your life and relationships.
  • Discover how thoughts, attitudes and behaviour expressed in your dominant hand can be altered to redefine the present and shape the future.
  • Understand your conscious expression through the fingers.
  • Gain insight of your individuality through an in-depth understanding of your thumb and its phalanges of will and logic.
  • Discover how knowledge of your nails can help reinforce the strength of your nervous system
  • Understand your hand type and what role it plays towards your personal growth.


Teaching Methods

1. Read each chapter of the e-book.
2. Download and study the PowerPoint Presentation of the course.
3. Watch the videos with the help of the material in the PowerPoint Presentation.
4. Complete the quizzes for each module.


For registration: 1-866-428-3799 or contact us for more information.

Excerpt of the Courses

Palmistry Series of 18 courses
The Introduction course is the first in a series of 18. It is the first course available online followed by The Mounts in September 2014.These two courses comprise Level One of the Palmistry Diploma Series. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of both courses. The first course of Level Two, Series of 8: The Mounts - Exploring the Superconscious is The Moon: Perception, Emotions and Creativity, given by Ghanshyam Singh Birla, will be available online January 2015.

Course-related costs
Tuition fees: $295 (plus tax in Canada), including e-book (278 pages), PowerPoint Presentations and quizzes


- A hard copy of Introduction to Hast Jyotish: Ancient Eastern System of Palmistry, by Ghanshyam Singh Birla Please is available for $49.95.

- Session with the director: Reg. $189/hour      Special student price: $160

- Three-Session Coaching with staff palmist: $79/hour

For registration: 1-866-428-3799 or contact us for more information.

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