The Science of Swara

The Science of Swara (Breath)

Eastern systems of philosophy have devoted much study to the importance of the breathing process, called swara. In order to balance our breath, Vedic texts teach that we begin by examining its flow. The cool breath of inhalation, ida, has a negative charge and is located on the left side of our spine. The warm breath of exhalation, pingla, has a positive charge and is located on the right side of the spine. When the ida and pingla breaths are even, they unite in the sushumna, the neutral border found at the center of our spine. As a result, our thinking becomes clearer, and more objective. We become calm, peaceful, and less likely to experience negative feelings of agitation, anger, or fear.

In the East, the spine is referred to as the altar of God. This is where the psychic centers or chakras are located. The chakras, visualized as spinning wheels of energy, are located along the spine from its base to the medulla. Each is associated with a specific vibration, color, sound, body organ, and emotion. The chakras are activated by the ida and pingla currents in much the same way that the vortex of energy associated with a tornado occurs when cool and warm currents meet.

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A Yoga Approach to Breathing Training (5 hours)

swaraBeginning with our first breath, our instinct for survival is ignited. Our quest, however, is not simply to have a long life, but one that is healthy, disease free, and blessed with vitality and joy. Fortunately, there is a system called pranayama, the science of breath, that has been practiced in India for ages to bring about greater balance in our life. A Yoga Approach to Breathing is a program based on fundamental breathing and meditation techniques. Known as pranayama, pran meaning life force and yama meaning extended, these techniques are aimed at extending our life force in a simple and effective way.

Some of the benefits are:
- Feelings of peace and calm;
- Greater relaxation;
- Decrease in stress and tension.

Your Coach: Ghanshyam Singh Birla
How: Private Session
Cost: 795$

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