Level 2 – The Mounts - Exploring the Superconscious (8 Courses) 
In the eight courses of Level 2, students will acquire an in-depth understanding of each of the mounts and learn to diagnose and interpret their level of development—balanced, overactive or underactive.

  • P-203 Mars Program : Embracing Your Inner Warrior
  • P-204 Jupiter Program (Coming in September 2024)
  • P-205 Saturn : A Potent Force for Change (coming soon)
  • P-206 Sun : Attracting Your Heart’s Desire (coming soon)
  • P-207 Mercury : The Art of Self-Expression (coming soon)
  • P-208 Rahu and Ketu : Understanding Your Karmic Mission (coming soon)

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P-201 The Mount of Moon - Perception, Emotions and Creativity

The mount of Moon, also referred to as the mount of Luna, pertains to the qualities of perception, creativity, imagination and sensory awareness. All the information we receive about the world around us is filtered through the lens of Luna. When our Luna is balanced, we are happy, optimistic and the world can be a beautiful place. Because our perception influences the expression of each subsequent zone of the hand, Luna forms the cornerstone of our evolutionary progress. 

Here are the points that will be addressed in this course:

  • Philosophical Understanding
  • In-Depth Understanding of a Balanced Moon
  • Overactive Development of the Mount of Moon
  • Underactive Development of the Mount of Moon
  • Morphology Tests
  • The three Worlds of the Moon
  • Papillary and Triradii
  • Signs of Wisdom and Obstruction
  • The Moon as a Leading Force in the Hand

Tuition: $165.00 - Course duration: 12 weeks
* All prices are in Canadian dollars