Level 3 / The Major Lines – Our Subconscious Expression

In the three courses of Level 3, the three major lines—life line, head line and heart line—will be thoroughly examined with regard to their origin, termination and formation, which corresponds respectively to our physical, mental and emotional health.

  • P-301 The Heart Line: Feeling is the Key
  • P-302 The Head Line: Your Moral Compass (Coming Soon)
  • P-303 The Life Line: Your Physical Health and Well-Being (Coming Soon)

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P-301 The Heart Line: Feeling is the Key

The heart line is a window into our emotions and plays a tremendous role in revealing whom we choose to love, why, and what kind of people choose to love us. From a spiritual standpoint, it reflects the capacity to be generous and forgiving.  It also reveals how deeply and how well we express our love to others. By deciphering the code embedded in our heart line will tell us what goes wrong when our relationships falter or fail, how we can make love last and how we can increase our personal magnetism.

Here are the points that will be addressed in this course:

  • Philosophy
  • The Role of the Heart and Head Lines
  • The Journey of the Heart Line
  • Origins of the Heart Line
  • Terminations of the Heart Line
  • Formation of the Heart Line
  • Complete Analysis of the Heart Line

Tuition: $169.00 - Course duration: 12 weeks

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