Level 3 / The Major Lines – Our Subconscious Expression

In the three courses of Level 3, the three major lines—heart line, head line and life line—will be thoroughly examined with regard to their origin, termination and formation, which corresponds respectively to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Tap into the Power of Your Heart Line
The human heart is the greatest source of power in the universe. Not merely because this biological pump beating in the center of our chest keeps us alive, but because it is also the spiritual heart radiating at the center of our being—the one that fills our lives with meaning, purpose, beauty, grace, compassion and, above all else, love.

When our heart fully opens, our life changes forever. We are sharing our authentic self and our true feelings with the world. Uniting, motivating and inspiring others becomes a natural expression of our innate energy. We give and receive love purely, without expectation or conditions. And the more we express our love to others, the more love we attract into our lives.

Transform Your Life with the Power of the Head Line
The head line is a doorway to our psyche; it is a doorway through which we can access the inner workings of our mind and observe our manner of thinking. Understanding of the mind is essential for maintaining a healthy outlook, healthy behaviors and a healthy sense of self because the way we think determines how we act and how we view ourselves and those around us. Thinking shapes our perception and our perception shapes our world.

It’s little wonder so few of us understand who we really are, what we really want, or realize the amazing life we can create for ourselves if we could simply master our thoughts, quiet our mind and focus on what is truly important.

Rejuvenate Yourself in Body, Mind and Soul
The life line is one of the most important and powerful lines in the palm. Most people think that the life line tells us how long we will live, which is partially true—it does give us clues about our longevity . . . but it does so much more! Indeed, the life line actually helps us live longer and enjoy much healthier lives by telling us how efficiently we are using our energy. Are we squandering in wasteful or unhealthy pursuits, or channeling it to achieve our goals, good health and happiness?

Learn to master your prana you enliven and invigorate yourself on a cellular level.  Enjoy a new body teeming with strength and energy—a body that is guided by a new and rejuvenated mental outlook and appreciation of life.

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