The Birla Vedic College is an internationally acclaimed academy for the study of Vedic sciences and home to some of the world’s leading teachers of Vedic palmistry. It is the first and only College of Astro-Palmistry in North America. The College is fully recognized by both the Quebec provincial government and the Federal Government of Canada. Students from around the world have been traveling to the Birla College for graduate studies since the College began offering its renowned 18-course Vedic Palmistry Certification Program in 1975. The certification program (available in both French and English) provides an excellent foundation for those pursuing a career in Vedic palmistry. Classes are equally suitable for those simply interested in expanding their horizons and incorporating the many benefits of palmistry into their daily lives. A guiding principal of the Birla College is for the student to become a better person through palmistry while studying to help others do the same.

Courses are available online. We also offer private classes. Contact us for more information.

Many graduates have gone on to launch successful careers as professional palmists.

Residents of Canada are eligible for tax rebates for courses taken.

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