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  • Exploring Vedic Palmistry

    What is Vedic Palmistry?

    Vedic Palmistry, or Hast Jyotish, is a science of self-discovery developed by the sages of ancient India more than 5,000 years ago. The sages realized that the features of our palms correlate to our thoughts and outlook, and that when we change the way we think and behave the features of our hands also change. Hence, studying changes in the palm provides us with enormous insight in our attitudes and behavior and is a powerful tool for initiating and monitoring personal growth.

    Indeed, the lines and signs of our hands reflect the entirety of our life experiences. Analyzing our hands gives us a unique, objective and incredibly accurate perspective on who we are as individual. It also alerts us to the challenges we are likely to face in life, our emotional and psychological makeup, and our personal strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge allows us to use Vedic palmistry to overcome obstacles, develop our natural gifts and talents, and guide us toward a happier, healthier and more successful life.

    Our 18-course provides a solid foundation in Vedic Palmistry program for those interested in becoming professional palmists or who simply want to broaden their horizons and integrate the many benefits of Vedic Palmistry into their lives.

    Exploring Vedic Palmistry is an excellent opportunity to explore the practice of Vedic Palmistry and find out how our courses, programs and exams are structured.

     In this sample segment, you will:

    • Learn about the fingernails, the armor of our nervous system.
    • Be able to view the complete contents of the first course in our Palmistry Program: Introduction to Vedic Palmistry

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  • The Nails - Armor of Our Nervous System

    The fingernails are nature's way of protecting the extremely sensitive nerve endings located on the fingertips. In Exploring Vedic Palmistry, you have complete access to the section of the student course book dealing with the fingernails. By studying this section, you learn enough about this fascinating subject to conduct your own partial analysis of the nails.


    • Read the excerpt from the student course book.
    • Download the acetates. (Acetates cannot be printed.)
    • Watch the videos as many times necessary to fully comprehend the course material.
    • Complete the provided quiz to access your understanding of the section.

  • Quiz

    Here is a quiz on the material you have just studied. If you like, print out the questions and record your answers on a piece of paper. This will allow you to compare your answers with the answers provided in the online "Quiz - Answers" section.

    Each class includes several quizzes. They are provided for you to test your understanding and you can do them as many times as you want. Your quiz scores will not be taken into account when establishing your final grade.

    All quizzes are interactive (online). After you have submitted your answers, you will receive your score along with some general feedback.

  • P101 - Introduction to Vedic Palmistry

    Introduction to Vedic Palmistry is the first step for anyone considering a career in palmistry.

    It focuses on the key concepts of palmistry:

      • Principles of Hast Jyotish within the Vedic Tradition
      • The Historical Roots of Palmistry in World Cultures
      • The Geography of the Hand
      • Hand Print Training
      • The Activity of the Hand
      • Morphological Analysis
      • The Fingers: Our Conscious Expression
      • The Nails: Armor of Our Nervous System
      • The Thumb: Indicator of Our Individuality
      • Hand Types: Different Paths to Personal Growth

    Each class includes quizzes. They are provided for you to test your understanding. You can do them as many times as you want. They are not taken into account in the final grade.

    The course evaluation is done online, based on two exams:
    • One mid-session exam
    • One final exam

    Each exam counts for 50% of the final grade.
  • Conclusion

    You have now had the chance to explore one of our courses. We hope you enjoyed it.

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